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Fone Geeks offer premium service for Mac repair and troubleshooting and restore your Macbook, iMac, and Mac Pro issues throughout Apple Mac Repairs Chelsea Sloane Square London. Our Repair Centre location is 5 minutes away from Bayswater station or Queensway station tube stations.

At Fone Geeks We can Restore Your Mac!

Do not be frustrated if you Mac does not start up.

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If you need MacBook Repair in Apple Mac Repairs Chelsea Sloane Square? Are you looking for a Genuine and Experienced Mac repair company? Then you landed on the right place! You are only a call away of fixing you MacBook Issues.

Fone Geeks offers a local, affordable Macintosh repair/troubleshooting service that is reliable and quick turnaround guaranteed.

Tel: 020 8127 7215 or 07542 393906 – 7 Days a Week till 10pm

Our engineers at Fone Geeks are experienced and they are able to service All Macintosh products, including: MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook, iMac intel, iMac G4/G5, Power Mac, Mac Pro, Mac mini, Powerbook, iBook.

At Fone Geeks - Repair Centre in Apple Mac Repairs Chelsea Sloane Square London is 7 days a week with most repairs being carried out at Repair Centre the same day or within 24 hours.

It can be very frustrating if you Mac does not start up, the screen gets cracked, the power supply blows, or even if you get liquid in the Macbook Pro or Air keyboard and some keys no longer work. We understand how important you computer is to your daily life, thats why we do are up most to get you Macintosh repaired in the shortest time possible, Contacts us today for a quality Mac repair in Apple Mac Repairs Chelsea Sloane Square London

The main fault of Apple laptops

All damage can be divided into two groups:

Broken down by itself (this, of course, warranty repair).
Broke down after a certain action or influence (filled, dropped by connecting an external device) - this is a non-warranty repair macbook.
The first group - broke unexpectedly denied any part of a MacBook, for example, stopped working laptop keyboard, mouse, propane lights, lost image, the sound disappeared.

Or broke down completely: no longer included (to respond to the power button) or run (the button reaction is, the light comes on, but nothing happens on or blinking light) - you just unlucky - it's a warranty repair macbook, it could be because: marriage or defect, failure of any of the circuits or electronic components. Yourself, you can: remove and insert the memory modules, replace them, remove and insert the battery, make a hard reset. It did not help? Then it is necessary to bear in service for repair repair macbook. This is the rarest type of damage, and can be broken randomly anything.

There are however typical faults in different models, so-called weak spots that are most often broken.

Repair MacBook Pro (15-and 17-inch models and a graphics processor NVIDIA 8600M GT)

Failure of the GPU NVIDIA 8600M GT (marking G84-602-A2). This marriage of wine and the company Nvidia, officially recognized by the statistics - about 30 percent of Nvidia chips in the series to break for 1-2 years, the probability increases with the active use of powerful graphics applications and overheating, reduce the probability of failure can be the prevention of the cooling system, it is recommended at least once a year to clean the cooling system MacBook Pro (repair in this case can be avoided), because the reason for the failure of Nvidia chip is overheating.

Signs of burnt GPU: artifacts on the screen, broken image, color distortion, no picture (max thus can be loaded, there are sounds and determined in the network), there is no start - only indicator lights up immediately after turning off.

MacBook Pro (15-and 17-inch models and a graphics processor ATI Radeon X1600)

Failure of the GPU ATI Radeon X1600 or more rarely the case. Fails video memory Symptoms: artifacts on the screen, broken image, color distortion, no picture (max loaded at the same time, there are sounds and is determined by the network), there is no start-up (only indicator lights, turn off immediately after switching on). Such repair MacBook in Moscow can be carried out by our specialists.

MacBook Pro Unibody MacBook Unibody and the 13 inch model

The main cases repair MacBook Pro Unibody: does not work on the power supply, the plug unit does not light bulb (no green or orange), not charging the battery, can operate on battery power until you sat down to 0, the replacement unit does not help.

Quite often breaking the cause - faulty mat. boards, the communication power supply with multicontroller on the motherboard. The fact that the information units makbukov besides the supply voltage, there is the third information signal, which occurs by the recognition unit (a / another) and reads the output unit, and if the connection is broken, it does not see a poppy power supply, and accordingly, it will not work on a battery charge.

Repair MacBook Air

does not work on the power supply and the battery is not charging
Keyboard does not work and touchpad (replacement trackpad)
USB connector does not work
backlit keyboard does not work
no sound
does not start beeping memory
iMac (models with NVIDIA GPU 8800 GT)

Very frequent repair iMac - this video card failure, failure of the GPU NVIDIA 8800 GT (marking chip G92-700-A2).
Symptoms: the picture is broken or distorted, or absent, or not run.

MacBook Pro Unibody 15-inch models

If you have switched off during operation, or turn on and off at once, as a rule - faulty motherboard (or CPU power scheme). In this case you have to repair laptops mac book, fix timing will depend on the type of fault.

The second group - broke down after the external influence.

Have connected a device to the ports of entry and exit.
In this case, a lot depends on how much liquid was spilled on the laptop (on the number of spills), the type of fluid, of whether the MacBook enabled at this time, and most importantly - on your next steps.

After the liquid has got on a laptop, you need as quickly as possible to disconnect the motherboard: it needs to shut down your MacBook, unplug the power adapter and remove the battery. Then remove any excess fluid from the external keyboard and touchpad. Next you need to disassemble and wash MacBook motherboard, then dry the keyboard (natural drying takes 2-5 days).

It is not recommended to do it yourself, if you have no experience in assembly-disassembly of your MacBook, it is better to carry in this case, the service specialists, we are engaged in repair and macbook air Apple macbook pro. If you do the above procedure, the greater the chance that prime the cost you a little blood (washing and drying). If you do not do it all, (the main - if not de-energize the mat. Fee), the consequences can be fatal.

Because all the liquid (except for distilled water) are conductors falling on an electric circuit causes various fluid circuits, which may lead to combustion of chips. Furthermore, when the liquid reaches the conductor energized electrochemical reaction occurs corrosion and oxidation. This leads to degradation of print paths, vias and contact motherboard also destroyed and radioelements chips soldered to the board.

That is why it is important to immediately remove the battery after-drenched and wash drenched areas. Heavily drenched plateau on which went oxidation - is one of the most difficult categories repair MacBook is almost impossible to repair if there is no circuit board or the donor.

MacBook no longer included or run. This is the most difficult category of repair. Yourself, you can pull-insert the battery, pull-insert or replace the memory modules. If that fails, then you need to bear in service, but little chance to fix.

The fact is that when a strong impact pads may be damaged under the BGA chips are simply detached from the PCB board. If the contact is not much damage (less than 10), the chances of a successful repair is, because there are ways and techniques of restoration and repair of such.

Connect the external device.
A classic case - with USB devices. Under unfavorable circumstances, it would seem such a common thing as switching USB devices, can lead to burnout Southbridge.

This occurs either due to static discharge (for example, your flash drive was electrified when switching) or by using ungrounded outlets 220V when connecting the device to an external power supply (printer, phone, etc.), or connect the defective unit.

In addition to USB, you can burn the board by connecting various equipment and devices to the ports of IRDA, to the audio input output to video inputs, outputs, and even when using wired internet LAN (on our account hundreds of refurbished MacBook PRO, which broke down during a thunderstorm ).

To avoid these failures to perform a simple (but important) advice: Do not use cheap quality not flash devices and equipment with external power supply, connect only disconnected from the 220V (ie, it is necessary to disconnect the device from the wall outlet, turn off the MacBook from the wall outlet, connect the device, and Only then connect to a power outlet and turn on), disconnect the wire LAN during a lightning storm, especially if you are out of town or in the countryside

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