iPhone screen repairs in Bond Street station

Fast Call-out & Walk in iPhone Screen repair technicians in Bond Street station, London

We carry out following iPhone repairs: iPhone 6 Plus Screen replacement London, iPhone XS / XS Max, iPhone X, iPhone X Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X Max Screen replacement, iPhone 8/ 8 Plus, iPhone 7 / 7 Plus, iPhone 6S / 6S Plus

iPhone Software repair / flashing 30 min

Replacing the Display of iPhone in Bond Street station, 15-30 min

iPhone Touch Screen Replacement 15-30 min

Replacing the back cover of iPhone 60 min

Replacing the battery of iPhone

Replacing hearing speakers of iPhone 20 min

Replacement polyphonic speaker of iPhone 20 min

Replacing the main microphone of iPhone 20 min

Replacement vibrator of iPhone 30 min

Replacing the HOME button of iPhone

Replacement buttons incl. / Off. vibrate mode 60 min

Replacing the power button / lock 60 min

Replacing the volume buttons 60 min

Replacing the Microphone 30 min

Replacement of rear camera 30 min

Replacement charging connector in Bond Street station, 20 min

Replacement headphone jack 60 min

Restoring "Disabled iPhone" 120 min

Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone10 min

Buying your faulty iPhone By agreement

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Drop your precious iPhone? If liquid has entered? Phone refuses to work normally?



Fone Geeks - passionate team of professionals ready to help you in such situations.

All repair work will be delivered by a precise quality approach diagnosis device.

As a result, you get a justified saving money, time and nerves.

iPhone Recovery.

The main causes of failures:

Damage to the logic board.

Liquid / Water damage.

Improper update of firmware.

Disbaled iPhone repair.


If you entrust your Apple iPhone device to amateurs, you will be risking with your sensitive data on your phone as a result you can lose your photos, files, notes, schedules.


Contact a Fone Geeks iPhone service center in London, where you get a triple benefit:

Full 1 year warranty for parts and labour.

Fast delivery of repair service by solving any problems persists.

PRO experienced masters in Bond Street station - London, advanced equipment, the use of original spare parts - all this allows us to repair iPhones in London at your office or home, giving 100 percent guarantee on the result of what we do.


Common iPhone faults:

1. Improperly functioning touchscreen.

The reasons for this may be very different, from mechanical impact to issues related to the CPU or the motherboard. Therefore, the repair of iPhone in this case depends entirely on the results of the preliminary diagnosis.

2. Battery drains too fast. iPhones battery doesnt hold the charge in Bond Street station.

The specialists of our center test all structural elements to identify the exact cause of this trouble. By determinig the fault of motherboard or battery. Sometimes this could be due to overloaded software problem.

3. Sticky Home button

The reson behind this is when the device gets liquid damage. By careless handling telephone, for example, using iPhone with wet hands, in result formation of condensation inside it, which leads to corrosion of the elements inside the phone. Unfortunately, this quite often.

4. Random Reboot

This problem is caused by software failures, problems with the power amplifier or damage to the PCB. With the right technique this fault can be repaired.

5. Poor or cracking sound in speaker and microphone


Sometimes noises that appear in the course of conversation, indicates a problem with the speaker itself. It may also indicate due to damaged iPhone motherboard.

If you need urgent iPhone repair, do not worry. Take a deep breath, count to three ... and call Fone Geeks engineer.

Providing professional call out iPhones repairs in  London, we are ispired by our satisfied customers: more satisfaction - more business. Looking for professionals with a spotless reputation? Congratulations, you are on right place.