Fonegeeks provides water damage repair services in London. We are able to recover both hardware and software from water damaged devices by using our advanced repair techniques. When the problem is diagnosed within the first week, the success rate of the repair can increase up to 90%.

Did you drop your phone in water or spill liquid on it? Our team is ready to assist you. Our company is specialized in repairing water damage. In order to recover water/liquid damaged devices, we have some of the most advanced equipment. When it comes to water damaged phones, there are a number of myths that are floating around the Internet, and very few people take the right approach to repairing them.



As a first step, please turn off the power if your device has not already been turned off. Don’t attempt to turn it back on if it is off. Please remove your battery if you have a removable battery.

It is important to wipe off all excess liquid from the device prior to placing it in a position where liquid can leak out. Leave the hinge of a Macbook or laptop open and place it face down in order to allow any remaining water to drain.

There is no actual damage to the device caused by water. The circuits cannot have conductance when the power is running through them, resulting in an electrical short that can damage the components on the board.



It is common for customers to be misled by the concept of placing the device in rice. I will explain what rice can do for your device in the following paragraphs. Suppose, for example, your device has been dropped into the sink. It appears that some water has entered your device. You read on the internet that rice miraculously repairs water damage, so you place the damaged item in the rice. Your phone has not been shorted by the droplets of water sitting on top of the electronic circuits so far. Now that your device has been turned off, it is inside a rice bag.

Is it a good idea to put my device in rice?
The ability of rice to absorb moisture is remarkable, and it does so in abundance. Essentially, it speeds up the process of drying the water on to the electrical components of your device.

Unless it is distilled or completely pure, water contains some trace elements or minerals. It is also worth mentioning that by drying that on to the electronic components of your board, you have left behind an extremely dirty and unpleasant friend that is going to eat away at the board over time – it is similar to cancer – it is corrosion.

It is true that your phone is working properly now and it only cost you a bag of rice, but you have failed to diagnose the exact problem. This is an inadequate band-aid solution. Consider the possibility of accelerating the growth of cancer within.

How should water damaged devices be cleaned properly.

In order to prevent corrosion, the device must be cleaned. IPA (isopropyl alcohol) would be a simple and cost-effective solution. By doing so, the majority of minerals and residue left behind will be removed. In order to ensure that everything has been removed, it is best to give the electronic components an ultrasonic bath. We perform this procedure at Fone Geeks, and we repeat the process with 99.9% IPA. Occasionally, this will not be sufficient since certain components may have already been damaged and will need to be replaced in order to restore the device’s functionality.


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