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Why Us?

Our advantages you get

Professional Service

We are Apple Geeks

Our aim is deliver best possible service in the market. By getting well prepared for issues and to know how to troubleshoot them.  We are able to stock best parts for mobile repairs, but also parts for a wide range of Apple devices like MacBook and iMac from different years of release.


Ultra-fast Support

10 minutes Repair without appointment

Many years of proven experience in technology field, we are even able to solve non-standard issues. As we have collected database of typical faults, which significantly reduces the time to search and localization problems.

The repair time is minimized due to the well-established pattern of action. When working on call-out it is from 10 minutes to several hours.In this case, you do not have to waste your time on the regular high-street shop service queue and pay extra for the urgency of the work. Usually repair duration in the service center can take from 1 upto 3 days.

Easy and Convinient

Free Engineer Call-Out Service. 

We can come to your Home or Office and repair your iPhone in front of you while you carry out your work. Just give us a call or book a repair. We will call you back to confirm booking.

If problem can not be fixed, we can offer you to take your device to our service center and bring it back to you. 


Warranty upto 1 year.

High-quality repair sevice, we are professional specialist in this field. We ensure customer satisfaction and we value your expectations. 

In the event of warranty case, we will come to you and eliminate any faults to make you happy and satisfied.

Affordable. Value for Money

Low cost repairs

We use good quality replacement parts for your mobile phone in resulting cost cut by 20-30% by ensuring best possible user experience.

By your request we can match original not replacement / higher quality parts for repairs in premium cost. We use only approved parts. Joomla 3.3 Templates